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It has been decided that Asukanet and the Hiroshima Sukijaken Consortium will conduct an internship to plan a new business in the Metaverse space.

Everyone from Hiroshima University/Okayama University/Shimane University/Ehime University/Eikei University/Hiroshima City University/Prefectural University of Hiroshima!

Why don't you think about "what kind of business is possible in the metaverse space" together?

This time, Asuka Net Co., Ltd., which operates the virtual lab "Kaede Lab", which spreads the appeal and culture of social VR, one of the metaverses, threw in a problem that students would like to solve.

Take advantage of the spring break period and take the initiative to test your hypothesis, empathize with others, insight, and creativity, which are essential for entrepreneurs, and try to solve them!

Activity content

of VR equipment
Understanding how to use

​How to operate VR equipment

Thank you for attending

learn how to operate

Understanding the Metaverse

Experience the Metaverse,

world and avatar culture,

understand how to have fun

in the metaverse
regular report

We will share knowledge gained through interviews and experiences with Metaverse users.

Creation of new business

Assuming the future Metaverse image, we investigate and propose what kind of business is necessary.

Participation benefits

VR headset





​Rent PC for VR


Transportation/Activity expenses

Full transportation expenses will be paid​


Prize money

Deliver according to results

​ (about 50,000 to 150,000 yen)

メタバース空間での 新規事業立案のコピー (プレゼンテーション(169)).png


​Recruitment of participants


​ briefing session​ selection

February to April


​Activity period

End of April

​​results report meeting



For those who wish to applyForms herePlease answer

It is also possible to decide after listening to the briefing, so please feel free to apply.

from QR code

​You can also apply

Entrepreneurship Internship Program申し込みアンケート_【アスカネット×ひろしま好きじゃけんコンソーシアム】  用 QR コード (3).png

​Contact us

If you have any questions, please contact us using the contact details below.

Hiroshima Suki Jaken Consortium Secretariat

Associate Professor Kobayashi, Specially Appointed Assistant to the President


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