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“There is no correct answer for how to work. There are as many options as there are people.”

“PSI Entrepreneurship Committee 1st popular project”

When students who are unfamiliar with entrepreneurship consider their own career,

We are holding a special online lecture to foster the entrepreneurship you need in the future!

General employment is also an option,Starting a business is also an option.
We will increase and secure the options of young people who will open up the future,

We aim to contribute to the local community by further updating!

Gold member of the ConsortiumWantedly Co., Ltd.Than

The main target is undergraduate and graduate students at universities in Chugoku and Shikoku.

Career Design Program “CAMPUS W”of

We are offering it completely online!

Job hunting information related to startupsOf course,

thereexperienceorSelf-analysis workshopthrough

Think about building your own career.

Not your typical job hunting event

A program full of uniqueness that only Wantedly can offerby

Participant satisfaction is also high!

Posters and lectures

The word "entrepreneurship" is almost non-existent!
A must for entrepreneurs

Such as "Hypothesis verification, empathy for others, insight, creativity"

An introductory position in entrepreneurship educationWe offer as!

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