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Provides a forum for interaction
with overseas ecosystems

  • Hiroshima Love it Consortium will create opportunities for exchange between faculty and students of Hiroshima University and overseas ecosystems.

  • We also support member comanies to get involved according to their needs.

  • We can create conncetions with excellent students and researchers from overseas.

  • ​If you are interested, feel free to contact us!

Effort example

インドBITS Pilani大学との交流.png

Initiatives Case 1

Exchange with BITS Pilani University in India

We invited Indian students to Hiroshima University as part of the "Hiroshima Love it Consortium Problem-Solving Entrepreneurship Project".

Entrepreneurship classes utilizing local resources and visits to laboratories and companies were conducted.

The University of Texas at Austin_Tower.jpg

Initiatives Case 2

Innovation Readiness®, an online class by The University of Texas at Austin, is now available!

Innovation Readiness® is a class where students can learn the building blocks for creating companies that have a significant impact on society.

Thirty students from Hiroshima University are participating in this class to enhance their knowledge and ability to launch start-up companies.

Coming soon >

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