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Hiroshima University/Kinki University/Hiroshima International University & Higashi-Hiroshima City
Student Startup Challenge 2022

[To all students]

  • “Are you keeping the “free” and “creative” ideas that have sprouted up in your daily life and at your classes, or do you have a desire to start your own business?

  • Everyone from Hiroshima University, Kinki University, and Hiroshima International University, let's take the first step toward realizing your idea through the Student Startup Challenge!

[For companies]

  • This project is being implemented with the President's Discretionary Fund of Hiroshima University and Higashi-Hiroshima City budget.

  • If your company is interested in supporting the students’ entrepreneurial activities, feel free to contact us. We will invite you to a special discussion with the students and to the judges.



2021 Startup Challenge
(created by Mr. Kaixiang Kang’s team who received the support grant)

Highly customizable commemorative video production service for students


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