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We offer online courses that meet your needs

  • The Hiroshima LOVE it Consortium has joined the online education platform “Gacco” operated by DoCoMo Gacco.

  • We will deliver online courses of all fields at the request of member companies.

  • Since only those who have been given an ID and password can view the course contents, we offer specialized courses for each company.

  • In addition to Hiroshima University faculty members, we also offer lectures delivered by faculty members of other universities in the Chugoku and Shikoku regions that are participating as special affiliated members.

  • ​If you are interested, feel free to contact us!


Examples of Offered Courses (1) Engineering

Yuichi Kurita (Professor)
Faculty of Engineering
Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering

​Theme: New services brought about by human augmentation technology


Examples of Offered Courses (2) Health and Medical Care

Shiho Kurosaka (Associate Professor)
Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences
Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences

​Topic: Theory and Practice of Scientific Fitness


Examples of offered courses (3)

Hiroshima University Student Startup Challenge

Click to view the summary video of each project

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