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FY2022 implementation status

Outline of Public Call for Proposals

1. Qualifications 
1. Principal investigators must be faculty members or graduate students affiliated with one of the seven universities (Hiroshima University, Okayama University, Shimane University, Ehime University, Hiroshima Prefectural University, Hiroshima City University, or Keio University). Graduate students are required to apply jointly with a faculty member in charge.
2. If the purpose of the grant is to transfer technology to a venture company that has already been established, the application will not be accepted, as this is not the purpose of this program.
3. However, researchers who have already established their own venture companies are also eligible to apply, as long as they meet the application requirements and can clearly present a rational reason why they cannot conduct their research and development in an already established venture company.

2.Application Procedure
 Please read here.

3. Submission Format
 The documents to be submitted differ for Type I, Type II, and graduate students.
 Please check the application guidelines and submit the appropriate file.
 Plan Form 2 (Type I)
 Plan Form 2 (Type II)
 Plan Form 3 (Project Expenditure and Execution Plan)
 Plan Form 4 (Confirmation Form for Students)
 Planning Form 5 (Summary of Research and Development Proposals)
 Planning Form 6 (Hearing Form)
 Appendix (Outline of VC, etc.)

4. Submission deadline
 Friday, August 19, 18:00

5. Where to submit
 Please follow the submission address of each university.

6. Inquiries
Please contact as described in "2. Application Guidelines" (this differs for each university).

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